March 12, 2009

Which journals publish the highest quality work in philosophy of law?

A new poll, which might provide some useful information for younger scholars figuring out where to submit their work.

UPDATE:  I should probably remind readers that I am no longer an editor of Legal Theory (I served in that capacity from 2000 through the middle of last year), though I remain on the editorial board.  (Les Green and I are editing the new Oxford Studies in the Philosophy of Law, which, for now, involves only comissioned pieces [the first volume will include new essays by Gardner, Perry, Greenberg, Laudan, Guastini, Baron, and Toh, among others].)   Legal Theory will soon have in place a great new lead editorial team, consisting of Matt Adler (Penn), David Brink (UC San Diego), Connie Rosati (Arizona), and Scott Shapiro (Yale).  Larry Alexander (San Diego) and Jule Coleman (Yale) are still editors during the transition.

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March 10, 2009

Five New JD/PhDs in Philosophy Accept Tenure-Track Jobs in U.S. Law Schools

I was pleased to see the strong representation for law-and-philosophy typesin Solum's initial listing of junior hiring by U.S. law schools; indeed, it looks like the PhD in philosophy dominates all other disciplines among the JD/PhDs in the pool so far!  The new hires are:

Brooklyn Law School:  Brian Lee (JD Yale 2008, PhD Princeton 1999).

Louisiana State University:  Ken Levy (JD Columbia 2002, PhD Rutgers 1999).

Saint Louis University:  Chad Flanders (JD Yale 2007, PhD Chicago 2004).

Southwestern University:  Caleb Mason (JD Georgetown 2005, PhD Columbia 2001).

Villanova University:  Michelle Madden Dempsey (JD Michigan 1996, DPhil [Jurisprudence] Oxford 2008).

It does not appear that any of the new hires are products of JD/PhD programs, and I don't know how central law-and-philosophy work is for all these newly appointed faculty (though I know it is important for several of them).

Congratulations to all!

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March 12, 2008

JD/PhD Programs in Philosophy (in the US): A Comment


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January 27, 2008

Best Articles in Legal Philosophy That Appeared in 2007?

So, as I noted on my philosophy blog, The Philosopher's Annual is coming back to life, and now I've been asked to serve as a Nominating Editor.  I would be curious to hear from readers whether there were any philosophy of law articles that appeared in 2007 that they thought were really first-rate?  I think there might be one or two in contention, but I may also have missed good pieces.  All comments on this thread must be signed.  Post only once; as usual, comments may take awhile to appear.  Thanks for your assistance.

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November 12, 2007

Jules Coleman (Yale) on Being a Philosopher in a Law School

Another excerpt from Legal Philosophy:  5 Questions, this time from the interview with Jules Coleman:

I have had the great good fortune of being a professor at the Yale Law School for over twenty years now, but there are two things about my experience at Yale that I have not been nearly so fond of.  First, I cannot abide the arrogance and unjustified self-confidence that too many of my colleagues have:  a disease that has spread among law faculties everywhere in the United States.  It seems to me that law professors confuse monetary reward with academic achievement.  How sad--and frankly, frustrating.  The arrogance and self-confidence is too often matched only by pretense.

My suspicion is that this phenomenon is a bit more sui generis to Yale than Jules allows, but I fully empathize with his frustration.

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