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March 12, 2009

Which journals publish the highest quality work in philosophy of law?

A new poll, which might provide some useful information for younger scholars figuring out where to submit their work.

UPDATE:  I should probably remind readers that I am no longer an editor of Legal Theory (I served in that capacity from 2000 through the middle of last year), though I remain on the editorial board.  (Les Green and I are editing the new Oxford Studies in the Philosophy of Law, which, for now, involves only comissioned pieces [the first volume will include new essays by Gardner, Perry, Greenberg, Laudan, Guastini, Baron, and Toh, among others].)   Legal Theory will soon have in place a great new lead editorial team, consisting of Matt Adler (Penn), David Brink (UC San Diego), Connie Rosati (Arizona), and Scott Shapiro (Yale).  Larry Alexander (San Diego) and Jule Coleman (Yale) are still editors during the transition.

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