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July 28, 2008

For my Chinese readers...

...a translation of the "Interview about Legal Philosophy," courtesy of Jingzhe Yang, a graduate student in the Department of Jurisprudence at Northwestern University of Politics and Law, on whose web site it appears.

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July 16, 2008

My Teaching Next Year at Chicago

A couple of folks have asked, so here's what's on the agenda:

I'll be doing the "Law and Philosophy Workshop" all year on the topic "Toleration and Religious Liberty."  This is cross-listed between the Law School and Philosophy Department, and is open to students in either unit, as well as others at the university; all students will need to submit a statement of interest and other information to be considered for admission (there are details at the link, above). Speakers at the workshop will include Joseph Raz, Simon Blackburn, Susan Mendus, Leslie Green, and Martha Nussbaum, as well as various legal scholars and legal theorists.

In the fall quarter, I'll be offering in the Law School the basic Jurisprudence I course (scroll down) covering the nature of law and the theory of adjudication.  In the Spring quarter, I'll offer Jurisprudence II (again, scroll down), which will cover "topics in moral, political, and legal theory."  I haven't fixed the precise topics yet, but Juris I won't be a prerequisite.  JD students get priority for these, though MA and PhD students from other units can take them as cognates.

Michael Forster and I have also been talking about doing some kind of informal reading group on Nietzsche during 08-09; he's on leave a good bit of next year, but we will have sorted out details by fall.  (We will probably offer a formal course/seminar for credit on some figures/topics in German philosophy in 2009-10.)

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions.

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July 3, 2008

What are the best articles in General Jurisprudence in the Last Year and Why?

Please post only once and be patient, posts may take awhile to appear.

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