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June 10, 2008


June is likely to be fairly quiet here, unless I get the opportunity to write about some of the events I'm involved in while on the road.  June 18 I will be at the University of Girona for a day of legal philosophy seminars organized by Jordi Ferrer and Giovanni Ratti; these, I believe, are open to interested legal philosophers in the area, but you should contact Professor Ferrer for details.  A few days later I will be in Oslo for workshops on issues at the intersection of philosophy of language and law, organized by Stephen Neale (CUNY).  Prior to Girona, I'm speaking about Nietzsche at one of the NYU-sponsored conferences near Florence, but that is, I'm afraid, a "closed" event.  I hope to have some new items on the blog in July (a critique of John Goldberg on Cardozo and legal realism; a discussion of natural kinds, ducks, and natural law inspired by Mark Murphy) and may yet get up some thoughts in June. 

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